He Reigns


King of Kings
Forever and ever
And Lord of Lords
Forever and ever

As I looked out there before me
Was a great multitude
That no one could count
People from every nation
Tribe and language
All standing before the throne
And before the Lamb
They were wearing white robes
And holding palm branches in their hands
And they cried out with a loud voice saying
Salvation belongs to our God
Who sits on the throne and to the Lamb!

Alright now
Who is the King of Glory?
The Lord God almighty
Who sits upon His throne of light and reigns
For eternity

Who has the The Name above all names?
You see them falling to their knees
He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings
He's the Prince of Peace

Yes He reigns
He reigns
Oh He Reigns
Yes He reigns

So tell me who is earth's rightful Ruler?
Reigning with all authority
Who is the Lion of Judah, yeah
Yes who is the King?

Who is the One that is holy?
Yes the King of righteousness
For every tongue will confess His holy name
Yes He is Jesus!

Glory and honor
Wisdom and power
Be yours O' Ancient of Days
Glory and honor
Wisdom and power
Be Yours forever amen

And when we step into glory
We shall be holy without sin
We'll fall on our faces
And worship Him
The King of Kings

He is the keeper of Salvation?
The one enthroned, the great I Am?
Let every tribe and every nation worship Him
Singing worthy is the Lamb!

Yes Christ is risen from the dead
The conquered has become The Conqueror
He is the Conquering Lion
The Lion of Zion

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