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Best Friend


I don't really deal with religion so to say
I deal with relationship
Jesus is my best friend, to the end.

Tell your enemy and tell it to your friend
Go on, go up on the mountain and tell it again
Jesus is my best friend, unto the end man

Oh how I love the Lord, Jesus is my best friend
Unto Him I'll be true to the end
Any time you knock me down, I will get up and follow Him again
Through the Spirit of God that He sends. (John 15:13-16)

It is Him I shall follow, His name I'll hallow, (Matt 6:9)
Whether suffering or pain I shall go against the grain (Rom 12:2)
It doesn't matter what they see or what the outward appearance seems
Like a salmon up the river I shall go against the stream.


I have seen the light and counted the cost
Made one choice, my past has been lost
Settled the question with the conflict resolved
Stepped up over the line and forsaken it all
Signed the covenant made the decision and agreed to the terms
Met the author, joined the ranks, my bridges have been burned
There's no looking back, I'm upon the attack
With my eyes on the finish as I run on the track
(Heb 12:1-2, & ICor 9:24)
Upon this long and narrow road!



I love Jesus He is Lord of all
I love Jesus and I will hear His call
I love Jesus when my back is against the wall
I love Jesus upon my knees I am going to fall

I love Jesus so come one and come all
I love Jesus come let us break down the wall
I love Jesus upon your knees you must fall
I love Jesus I am asking you to hear His call


The road is narrow and the path is long (Mat 7:13-14)
But as I follow (Mat 16:24) I've a companion
My best friend to the end, and I am not just pretending
With Him eternity I am going to spend
I want you to sing along

(Repeat verse 2)

A road diverged in the wilderness. . .
I took the one less traveled
It was the best decision of my life

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