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Beautiful (feat. Avion Blackman Isaac Blackman)


You set eternity in the hearts of man
Yet so few can understand
All that You have done from beginning to end
No one can comprehend
You set eternity in the hearts of man
So that they will believe
The things You've done from beginning to end
Show Your beauty

Beautiful, yeah yeah
Beautiful, wo, woah
Beautiful, You always make things beautiful

Chat Chorus
You are my Sunshine Lord, You brighten up my life (Matt 4: 16)
You give me joy, a ray of sunlight (John 8: 12)
You're my sunshine God
You make things beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
You're everything to me!

As soon as the sun rises in the morning
I see your beauty God--so bright
And when the moon glows in the night, night, nighttime
Your light shines and it makes things so right, so right

Lord You're making all things beautiful in Your time

All I see is beauty (ahh) everywhere I go (ooh)
And I praise You Lord almighty
'Cause You are so beautiful, yeah!
(Chat Chorus)

You picked me up when life put me down
Put a smile on my face from a frown
You're my sunshine Lord
And You bring beauty
So just shine on me

In Your time, in Your time
You make all things beautiful

Compositor: M. Maearia, J. Nalimu, K. Kinsella, M. Mohr A. Blackman

Letra enviada por Samuel Santos

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