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Working Man's Blues

Chris Wood

Like a never ending tug of war
We can feel the side that always pulls
Just begging us to come and fall in love
With all the good we do in our own strength
Just know we want so desperately
To be loved
We all wanna be loved

It's not about what we do or don't do
When the only thing that matters is what's been done for you
Over time we like to make up new rules
To make us feel like we're doing what we need to do
Cause oh, if I could find a way to quantify
The love that I receive from how I live my life
Then all of this would make sense to my human mind
But a love like this is not easy to define

We try to live on top of the curve
But there's this thing that we don't deserve
And whatever we do, could never earn
A grace that's more than good enough
So you don't have to try and win His love
Just overflow from the love He gives

You've fulfilled the law on our behalf
There's nothing we need to do to add to that
Just follow with our hearts let the Spirit lead the Way

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