Chris Wood

You can follow the signs that lead
To all the foreclosed properties
Screwed by the loans that rose above our means
And there's a trail of change that leads
To all the bankrupt companies
People losing jobs just as sure as you and me

And don't you think we could figure it out
With recovery payments, government handouts
Got my stimulus waiting in the mail when I come home
But nothing lasts forever working day to day
Thinking I can get by once I get paid
One thing after another keeping me in debt
Can't keep up with my payments when there's nothing left

There's a woman across the globe
Poverty is all she's ever known
But you wouldn't know it if you ever saw her
Two boys and a girl
Her husband's left its up to her
We put our hope in the bank
She puts her hope in something higher

And maybe she has got it figured all out
With the leaky, cracked ceiling on her one room house
But a love that overflows like her buckets in the rain
Only one thing lasts forever and its not this life
So I'll live like everything is gonna be alright
Someone already came and paid my debt
I can give and give and give til there's nothing left

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