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Dry Bones (And Broken Lives)

Chris Wood

If you can take dry bones and lift them up out of the dirt
Ask me can they live as their bodies come alert
Then how much more can you take this stagnant life of mine
And breathe new life inside, new life inside

You're the only source of power; no nation, tribe, or man
Could change this world with the power of their own hands
But you say come to me and I'll give you all you need
Only believe, only believe, only believe

And hallelujah you have changed the world
And hallelujah you are changing me
Hallelujah we have been redeemed
Love has come and it has set us free

Hearts are often shattered and lives are torn in two
Hope is never easy when nothing is in view
That's why we need your breath to flow inside of us
When nothing is enough you are enough

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