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Clanging Gong

Chris Wood

We need to be more than just a clanging gong
A noisy cymbal will be our song
And no one will listen long if we don't have love
If we don't have love

Words can do more than just impress
Or tear a man down like the rest
Of all the careless things we've ever said
I think about what we'll leave behind
If our paths cross another time
The planted seed will be a little dry
If we don't have love

We need to say more than just what we hate
And what we'll tolerate; it's not your job to complain
Just proclaim the truth that you know
Tell the truth in love

How will you tell the world their fate?
Without offering a hand that saves
And a love that never fades
Quick to listen, slow to speak
Words can strike the heart so deep
So reach out with a love that frees us from ourselves
If we don't have love what we have won't be enough

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