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Other Side Of Town

Chris Cornell

We met at a party
Bout almost
Two years ago
There was a part of me
That she just didn't know
I tried to hide it
From her but it
Didn't take long
Before she would
Follow me and
See where I go
I wanted to tell her
But I just didn't know how
And every time I spoke
The words just wouldn't
Come out
Everyone will tell you
That old habits die hard
And it’s just the same
For me.

She wouldn't compromise
She wanna stand her ground
She wouldn't talk to me
She wouldn't make a sound
She wanna say goodbye
I wanna reconcile
What type of shit is she on?

I should have left that side of town alone
I should have left that side of the town alone
I should have left that side of town alone
A long time ago

I'm guilty it’s getting to me
But she wasn't home
Keep trying to call her
But she won't pick up
The phone
My conscience is speaking to me but I'm in the wrong
She don't want to talk
To me
She'd rather go
I tried to apologize
For the lies that I told
She don't want to hear it
And tells me
Leave her alone
I didn't appreciate her
Until she was gone
Now it’s too late for that

She won't even talk to me, no
She won't-she won’t

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