Chris Cornell

Carry On

I know what your looking for
You've looked in these eyes before
and all you saw was blue-green water
Searching for a mirror
That would show the world not who you are
but who you want to be
And you thought you'd find that one in me

But it's been a long time
Since I heard that name

He doesn't live here anymore
Don't know where he's residing
You can wait here if you want
But I don't think he's coming back
He doesn't live here anymore

Should you find the right place
Same old place you knew before
But that won't change what hides behind the door
And what lies underneath

And the change from the inside out

He doesn't live here anymore
Don't know where he's residing
I think it's better if you go
'Cause I don't want him coming back

Yes I know the name sounds a little bit familiar
Like a melody to a dream

Yes I know he wore the same face
the same clothes
But that was so long ago

I know who you want to find
Somewhere is the memory
of somebody I left behind
Well let's take it all in stride
It's that time to say goodbye

He doesn't live here anymore

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