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Smile & Wave

Chris Brown

If you in the spot?
You can do this
Put your hands up top to the music
Just wave, wave, wave
Just wave, wave, wave

[Chris Brown:]
Hey pretty lady what's your name
Got a pretty little body, I just wanna say
Do you have some time for you to come play
And baby I know the perfect place

Hold up, wait little daddy
Think that's the way to get at me?
There ain't no need to go on and on

[Chris Brown:]
What do you mean I'm going on and on

Boy I know your trying to get in my jeans
Be a cold day in hell, that's not happening

[Chris Brown:]
But I, I just came for love, girl that ain't me hold up (ain't trying to beg for none)
Girl I know other guys they're not quite like me,
Don't know how to do good and treat you right like me
But I will...

Boy your not gonna get my
Let's see how far you gon get
Ain't no other guy been there yet
I usually smile and wave, wave, wave, wave

[Chris Brown:]
I'm gon get this far as you let it, girl I can promise that you won't regret it

I usually smile and wave, wave, wave, wave

Hey baby boy, you got me

[Chris Brown:]
Do I?

Thinking to my self, you're sexy
I don't know what'cha you gon do, if I start to push up on you

[Chris Brown:]
Hold up, wait little mama
Do you finna you can deal with the showstoppa

Boy you ain't impressing me

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