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Gonna Be My Girl

Chris Brown

Check this out girl
I know you sitting back saying to yourself
"I know he ain't trying to holla!"

But there's something I got to tell you
Oh yeah, Oh yeah
You ain't got to do it though
And I just want you to sit back and listen
While I sing this song to you
Check me

[Verse 1]
It's not the hardest thing for me to say
Without cracking a smile
It's something that we both really feel inside
But never talked about
They call in love
Oh yes they do
A dangerous thing, when you're part of the game
So girl I feel you when you get emotional
And don't want to let me go
But there's something I got to tell you

I don't mean to cut you off but the question is:
So when you gone be my girl? (When you gone be my
I want to know
When it comes to loving, (why) you change the subject
(you should know)
And girl you know that I'm the man (you want)
Oh yes I am
Girl what's really good with you?
(So when you gone be my girl?) When you gone be my
All this breaking up, is getting old now
So baby tell me where I stand

[Verse 2]
I know
You probably saying to yourself this brotha tripping
This stuff is real
But ain't true men that felt love will have the nerve
to step up
And tell that baby what's up
To let her know he's really impressed
Now getting straight to the bottom line
You're the type of kind of girl a gangsta needs by
So when you get emotional
I won't let you go
There's something I got to tell you


(I don't mean to be rude but I got to know)


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