The Step

Chk Chk Chk

This one's to all my friends
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them
I believe in love
Cause friends showed me what it was
Those who cut class just to hang out
Those who let me crash on the couch
Those who check me when I'm wrong
(Cause I'm wrong)
Well it's for you that we sing this song
You're the best, that's why I picked you out
I believe in you and you make me proud
If it's too high go low, and if it's too fast go slow
And if there's pigs say hello
(We play it cool)
It's alright etc. that's the way we do it
There ain't no givin' up, we're just now movin' on up
Straight to the top
We're just livin' it up 'cause it's all that we've got
And that's a lot
They used to say we were crazy
Well look at us now, we're amazing
And the best is still yet to come
Just don't you forget where we come from
May your every wish and dream come true
And even if they don't you got me and I got you

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