Jump Back

Chk Chk Chk

You, you never wondered why
Why, you'd need an alibi
Don't you know not to get high
On your own formaldehyde?
Can't nobody makes it out alive
But the jugular is a good place to get started
Sometimes it's best to rip it right out

Jump back, let the air condition
Now it's dull black once was grey
Knocked flat, but he's up again
That's why the cold slap got it's name
Well it's not bad for a broken man
'cos it's a known fact it's no game

You, you never wondered at all
What's the harm in getting a little comfortable?
Tou didn't wann bother trouble
Till you saw them with their shovels
And they ain't the type to listen to rebuttals
But the jugular is an easy target
Sometimes it's best to rip it right out

Jump back, 'cos it's always been
Somehow the cold facts lay there plain
Exactly juust what they meant
When they said all that stays is the stain
You know that this ain't no age of the innocent
And it's a known fact that it's no game

Only one thing, only one thing comes in coffins
Down at the cemetry it ain't exactly hoppin'
But don't fear john the revelator
There's time enough for dying later
At least that's what I read in sunday's papers

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