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Hello? Is This Thing On?

Chk Chk Chk

Sometimes you don't say nothing cause you got nothing to say
And sometimes you tell it all cause no one's listening anyway
And you don't know for certain but you think you might be a bore
Don't wanna be nobody's burden so you just hit the dance floor
Cause the opportunities presented stop you dead stuttering on the sentences
You just get so tired of smiling and nodding like you are interested
Small talk's asking questions that no one cares about what the answer is
Somewhat of a necessity I guess it is but
Watching others conversation from your place against the wall
You'd have something worth saying if you could only find a place in the bathroom stall
But remember when you come out don't you dare look inside the bathroom mirror
you might see you are there but barely wondering what you are waiting for
What is it what was it and does it even matter anymore
Hey, am I making any sense at all?
Does anyone here speak English?
Cuz everybody's acting like I'm crazy
Hey, is this thing on?
And I must confess or maybe you've already guessed
The you is me, I made up the rest
And don't you know sometimes I could just kill for a good conversation

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