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whats he gunna say?,

[verse 1]

you wanna be like me son get a chnage of plan,
i dont hardly see my dawgs, get a hand, pick ma fam
confused, feelin used, tryin to rearrange plans,
coz ive got a rolex but no time on my hands,
made a transition from a boy into a man,
step one never mix ya business and fam,
haters say i changed,
but i cant disagree,
coz the figures,
damn skippy aint the same in the bank,
and i just wanna say thanks,
to those tryin to pull me down,
i was born to be fly i dont like the ground,
so dont tell me stay grounded,
im good in my town,
and when i was blue you just wernt around.
i shouldnt know stress at my age,
money came around me then everybody changed,
fools say they know me from yay dawgs,
stop tryin to call me by my government name,

Cor its all chipmunk now,
you can blow after,
Its chipmunk now,
its chipmunks time,
chipmunks in his prime,
and only chipmunk can take chipmunks shine!


I made a transition,
I made a transition.
You can say i made a transition.

[verse 2]

im feelin like i found myslef but lost my mind,
they wanna take my life i take my time,
Im hair and flesh but lost my life my privacy went up in the sky,
when i signed i,
grinned to six figures then i grin teeth airing all the tag alongs like bring me,
i never breaded noone when i was working,
so hate me if you want but dont say i dont deserve it,
understand the position i played then,
understand the transition i made then,
go and picture me back in the days then,
look at me now and get mad,
they just wanna get fly although now im jet lagged,
now everybody step back,
im on the next ting,
its not a bless ting,
theyre number 2,
im on some next shit,
first place thats the first bace,
suicide thats the worst case,
thats when youre whole life time is tryin to get your dough up,
and then you blow up and blow up,
no escalators,
and im still tryin to step up,
but i think its tryin to handle the pressure,
i cant let the game slip away,
when the UK routes for my name,

Its all MR. Monk now,
You can blow after,
its MR. Monk now,
its MR. Monks Time,
MR. Monks in his prime,
and only MR. Monk can take MR. Monks shine!


I made a transition,
I made a transition,
you can say i made a transition.

[Verse 3]

Being succesful,
thats a gift and a curse,
being paid or being broke i know whats worse,
and people at the bottom say that,
You forgot youre roots but,
thats always the case when you rise from the dirt,
and preparation is the key to elevation,
but them man are to busy hating debating,
if i sound better on some grime shit,
half of them dont even know what grime is,
its all timing,
even though i blew quicker than youre average,
i came through slicker than youre average,
coz yeah im not youre average spitter,
any tempo or instrumental,
flows mentos straight jacket worthy,
conspiracy they put in to merc me,
if im not fire how could you burn me,
insultin how could you out me,
im so truth how could you doubt me,
allow me.

Cor its all me now,
you can blow after,
its all me now,
its all me time,
its all me in my prime,
and only i can take my shine!

(yeah, yeah)

(yeah, yeah)

(You can say i made a transition)

(ha ha ha)


Letra enviada por Luiz Antonio Sanches

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