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Headless Fools


When the fog of evil buried the whole world
Dark demons created their forces anew
There were only a few able
To resist, the others creep to the gold

Thus they be baited with money and force
Their deepest nightmares awake every night
They resist all temptations of the dark side
The devil wasn't able to flag them alive

Hate and blood and crime
That's their law
And our future
The new world is built upon their lies
But the headless fools never survive

They were branded as heretics with eight
They were hunted, they were sent to their doom
Now the judas had accomplished
Betrayal is their faith and gold their real god

So they build their empire upon their lies
Until they reach their goal, 'til everything is done
And now the earth was without form and void
And darkness was upon the face of the world

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