My Shine

Childish Gambino

Runnin' through the moment as the sun goes down
And all I ever wanted was to hear that sound

I stunt hard, I make it work, yeah
I make it work, yeah, I make it work, who
I live large, I make it work, yeah
I make it work, yeah

[verse 1]
Childish gambino, lame niggas never heard of it
Sick boi is the crew, fuck these niggas with a dirty dick
When these mothafuckas gonna understand I’m serious?
I’m hard in the paint, like I fuck her on her period
James dean swag, leather jacket, white t-shirt
Rolled up sleeves, nigga lookin’ like a greaser
Word is born, baby my dictionary’s in labor
Listen to the culdesac and know that was an ultimatum man
Why nobody wanna admit they like me just a little bit?
Won’t be on the freshmen list, guess I’ll just keep spittin’ shit
Never be the rapper with $600 shades
No iced-out chain, rod lavers all day
I was hopin’ they would see me just for me, dope rhymer
They do me like my first house, no co-signer
See you usin’ qualifiers, you don’t even know
“I guess he good for a rapper who on a tv show”
Even though, I was rappin’ back when lance had chemo, ho
Even flow, pearl jammin’ niggas can’t leave me alone
I keep a bone for these girls who liked me back when green was low
Feel me, though, dvr my thoughts and make your tivo grow

Runnin’ through the moment as the sun goes down (starlight, starlight)
And all I ever wanted was to hear that sound (all night, all night)
But it’s all for you to prove it, keep on movin’, keep on usin’
My shine, my shine, my shine
Ooh, take me higher

[verse 2]
Gambeezy make it work somethin’, let me check the syntax
Don’t add an eezy to my name, ’cause it has never been that
Aladdin on you fuckers, prince of the game from street rat
Dudes fall off, too steep like tea bags
Steady movin’, don’t worry about where I’mma be
Cause I’mma be on these tracks like indie girls on amelie
Honesty, I’m rappin’ ’bout everything I go through
Everything I’m sayin’, I’m super sayin’ like goku
Fuck nerdcore, fuck backpack
Fuck rap cool, I make cool rap
I make music for wack blacks to blast back
In fact, I swear the track I lie on’s my last track


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