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Run It Back (feat. Shirazi)

Chiddy Bang


[Hook] (x4)
If this your favorite song - run it back
Everybody sing along - run it back
Stop playin' - run it back
Can't hear what you're sayin' - run it back

[Verse 1]
We the realest tell em' run it back
Problems money come with that
I just ease the pain by chopping trees like a lumberjack
Thundercat, you ain't even ready for my summer raps
Coolin' on a minute I'm in to take the world, yeah I'm finna
It's young kidster, ain't no body hotter than
Soon as I step in the building, shit she forgot her man
College ran to the point I had to leave, was not a fan
Maybe a little not my email get a lot of spam
I'mma wild out, basically
That means I probably don't care about what you say to me
I got a couple bad bitches, Lord, pray for me
Look in the mirror we the shit that they pray to be
And they pay to me
Roll the blunts make a mixed drink
And don't you dare say that I ever care what a bitch think
She ain't a single but for me she tryna lip sync
And once the lips link, now that's instinct

[Hook] (x2)

[Bridge] (x2)
Yeah, I'mma need you to do it
DJ run it back so the people move to it
Yeah, I'mma need you to do it
DJ run it back so the crowd go stupid

[Verse 2]
Yeah, and I ain't even on that other shit
We on Cloud 9, welcome to the mothership
Second verse is dedicated to bitches that's medicated
Off the pine tree, and she a dime piece
If I forgot you then make sure that you remind me
I'm only partly here until I see my guy Z (?)
When I achieve so as you got to get lizzin' (?)
And livin', our lifestyle, they are so addictin'
I said they always be amazed how I rap fly
Hey yo, my eyes is currently upon your backside
Why? I stay gone off the loud perp
They gonna drop you if ever try to crowd-surf
I'll touch a ball and say my style hurts
I get your number but I'm never gonna dial first
But I'm lovin' that
Go have fun with that
'Fore I jump out the window, I tell 'em "run it back"

[Hook] (x4)

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