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Joyride (Omen)


Well, I've heard about the joyrides and I want in
It's fair to say it's in the past, if you're kidding
And you're kidding, and you're kidding
Like a God-awful omen

Your kiss stabs like some voodoo hex
Well, like a servant I once double crossed
This is it, this is it

Late night
This heart needs pumping
Joyride, oh
Infamous lies

Which body's gonna be taking aim, none of these
Oh, ride out
Didn't like, didn't like, none of these
New regrets, at events, catching hell, evidence
Chase you down

Late night
This heart needs something
Ride, joyride, oh
Infamous lies

We almost always open up
We're almost always left bent over
Almost never opened up
Chased the wheels
Pig headed, your joyride

Late night, this heart needs pumping
Ride, joyride, oh, infamous lies
Ride, joyride, oh, infamous lies

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