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The Look


There was I one night in Ackbuka
Bored to tears the band just played the Tango
You walked in, suddenly I'm in a spin
There you are just like a hero
More than cool than Brando and Dienero
Dressed to kil, Boy, I think you know you'll wil
Just like a time bomb tickin' away
No way to stop this runaway train

(Chours)-You got The Look that makes me weak
Something in your eyes words can't speak
And you can cast a spell on me like a bullet to my heart
You gotta move a certain style, Just The Look of can drive me wild
You got The Look that's got me hook
I can't takes my eyes off you

Verse-(Whats the Story)Whats the story I watch you stealing kisses.
Broken hearts and tears are so delicous
(Watch that man)Boy you know your into me
Oh, whats the use pretending I dont to: tease you taste you turn you on and
trunt you
Come to me, Oh, show me no mercy (Oh, show me no mercy)
I'm flying too close to the sun
Oh, but it's a beautiful way to burn, oooohhhhh
(Musicl Break)
(Touch me, Touch me, Oh, you know you gotta touch me,touch me, Oh yeah!)
(Musicl Break)
I'm headed straight into the sun
And now I'm burnin; up!
I'm burnin' up
No, No, No, tuch me taste me, tell me that u want me, keep me comin' back you
know you got me
'Coz you got that look.
Ooh, and baby it's my world that's shook
Oh, cast a spell I know you got the Voodo
No one makes me feel the way that you do
It's The Look that's got me hooked
I can't take me eyes off you
Can't takes my eyes off you

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