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No One Can Stop Us


Chelsea, Chelsea, no one can stop us now
Chelsea, boys in Blue,
Chelsea Chelsea we love you,
Chelsea our love is true,
No one can stop us now,
Chelsea we're the team
Chelsea Chelsea we're the cream
Chelsea we're supreme
No one can stop us now

The boys are back in town
And we are Wembley bound
An army dressed in Blue,
We're gonna win for you
And when we score the goals
We're gonna rock and roll
We've come a long long way,
And we are here to stay
Everybody sing
We simply are the best
We're gonna beat the rest
Together we are one,
Look at what we've done
The road was long and tough
But we are strong enough
Enough to see it through
And make our dreams come true
Everybody sing
Stamford Bridge to Wembley
Step by step in harmony,
Have a drink; it's party time,
Chelsea Chelsea you are mine
Chelsea, Chelsea, no one can stop us now!

By Veta

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