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Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Charlie Wilson

You look so good, there's no second guessing about that
Hey, pretty lady, ya know you're bad
It doesn't matter of fact I know I'm not the first
Tell you, my pretty lady, and it won't be the last
It's something about the way that you do
The things that you do cannot get away fast
This one is the s-h-it, yes

Girl, sweeter than candy
Girl, it's sugar honey ice tea
Got me spendin' my money
Down on sugar honey ice tea
She got my hands stuck up in the clouds, no comin' down
Call me a dreamer, but I'm a believer
Girl, that taste is fine, I don't mind chasin' her round
Cause ya best believe it, I found me a keeper

She's colder than the winter
Hotter than the summer
That girl's a winner, winner
Cooler than the spring time
That girl is so fine
My girl is so fine, all mine, all mine!
(Everybody sing with me!)

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