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Birthday Dress

Charlie Wilson

I don't wanna give you flowers again
It's something that is typical
Wanna give you a gift that you would never forget
This is special day so we gotta
Do something that's unusual
Go on out, don't hold up
Light up the sky, pyro

Go head let your hair down
Another year that you made it
So let's take it to the dance floor
Make you're request tonight's your night, oh yes
Show off them curves your birthday dress
Blow out the candle and I grant your wish
I'm lovin' you in that birthday dress
Birthday dress

Doesn't matter how's watching
It's your holiday so celebrate
Do whatever that you want to do
We won't let the seconds waste
Vast is in the air, let's make a toast
It's rainin' champagne
That girl, that girl is looking
Sweeter than birthday cake

Clap your hands
And stomp your feet
Cause it's your day
And it's you beat
Said it's your party
You can dance all you like

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