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New Year's Day

Charlie Robison

I woke up early Sunday mornin'
Had myself a piece of toast
Had 50 dollars in my pocket
Gonna chase myself a ghost

Went down Camino Espinoza
Gonna get me a divorce
Gonna split with all my money
See that girl who loves a horse

It's New Years Day here on the border
And it's always been this way
I never do the things I oughta
Think I'll stay its New Years Day

I met them boys there from O'Connor
Cowboy like you never seen they're up for
Anything you want to live on steak and refried beans
They bought up half of Southern Texas
It's why they act the way they do
When them boys meet me in Laredo
they think they own Laredo too


I know a girl here in Laredo her name's Pussy Willow Rose
She got that ring round the collar got that ring
Stuck through her nose
She works there at the Dallas Cowboys
but she got no in between
Like all them other boys in dresses they ain't every
Cowboys dream


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