Dear Friend

Charlie Peacock

Dear friend
There's a story goin' round
That says you're gonna be married soon
But you've been saying that for years
And there can be no wedding
Without a groom
He said he went away to make
A place for you and him
You know he's gonna come back
But you just don't know when

Dear friend
He is not slow in keeping his promises
As some understand slowness to be
Keep a watch out don't lose faith
He said he would come for you
He's gonna come for you
You wait and see, just wait and see

Dear friend
People joke
They laugh and they make fun
When they hear you talking' all about
The groom who's gonna come
He's been gone a long, long time
Are there any doubts to confess?
Do you wonder if you will ever
Wear that wedding dress?


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