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It's Lonely I Can't Stand

Charlie Major

I took the long way home tonight down a lonely road
No riders, no company, Just me and the radio.
One by one I watched the miles slowly fall behind
My heart weighing heavy knowing what I wouldn't find.
The moon over my shoulder and the stars up in the sky,
There to remind me what's missing tonight.

I don't mind being alone, it's lonely I can't stand.
These empty nights ain't no life for a woman nor a man.
It's been so long since I held or felt the touch of a loving hand.
Being alone ain't so bad, it's lonely I can't stand.
Staring out my window now at the world passing me by,
Trapped here in this darkness doing solitary time.
Accross the open fields I hear the soulful sad refrain,
The high lonesome wailing of some distant midnight train.
The sound of my heart beating and the silence in these rooms
They're to remind me what's missing tonight.


It's just another night on the one hand
On the other, it cuts like a knife.


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