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The Heart & the Tongue

Chance The Rapper

My heart and tongue are fightin'
My mind is undecided
It's not like Trump and Biden
It's more like it's something private
Like when yo' cousins fightin'
One of 'em get excited
You can't just jump the gun and pick a side and jump inside it
Remember Pontius Pilate hung a God and justified it
The truth is slow 'cause someone's always in a rush to hide it
The lies is golden 'cause the devil got a touch of Midas
The soul is brighter 'cause the Holy Ghost is ultraviolet
The tongue is violent when the spirit starts to hunger-strikin'
The thunder lightning makes the heart go under bunkers hiding
The lungs is silent when it hears the footsteps of the giants
And then the fingertips they twist up like Poseidon's trident
Remember safety if you ever running from the tight end
Remember Mookie if they ever come to cut the hydrant
They cut the heart out with the tongue, they want it undivided
You better not start, you make a fuss you end up uninvited

My heart and mind are beefing, I call 'em Rhyme and Reason
They always going head to head, I'm trying to Siamese 'em
My father got a special set of skills like Liam Neeson
He told me faith and squinted eyes can turn the blind Venetian
I seen the sign, I'm in the den, I'm with the lions sleeping
I seen the wine, I seen the water turn to bright Tahitian
The heart is somewhere on Hawaiian beaches
Tying pigeons to the Giant Peaches
I want the beat to feel like diegesis
I'm tired of politicians tryna sell us diet Jesus
That's like dialysis was tryna sell us diabetes
Act like you was born yesterday and you gon' die a fetus
The mind's philosophy is old as Thales of Miletus
The mind is quite elitist, that's why they like choir preachers
They buy our leaders easier than I can buy a feature
That's why the genius' always end up on the tightest leashes
That's how I wrote my whole entire thesis
My heart and flesh are racing, that's why I get complacent
That's why y'all get impatient, y'all don't get the invitation
I'm sitting courtside with the nurses during visitation
Watching the vitals with some popcorn and anticipation

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