Wet Paint


Give me back my Sunday
Coz I didn't live it up
What da hell am I suppose to do with you ?

The sun is setting above my heart
And I don't know what to do
Another precious weekend's gonna slam...

One morning on a Monday
She's just tied up on her bed
Nemuke me de ohayou

Seal up all the cracks on a wall
So you want get cold
Masuku sugata de kouhi

In my head, in my head
All I'm asking is to let me yawn

One morning on a Sunday
She was walking down the street
Meboshi meron wo kau

Have a little break to set you
Breakfast in Hawaii
Umeboshi yo koishiku nare

In my head, In my head
Nobody wants to seek around your eyes
In my head, In my head
No I don't need to understand you

I would like to know
But I just don't feel like
Coz I never wanna see you
Hanging over, drunk and wasted
Flirt around with all the boys
I just don't feel like going back to my work
And I'm pretty sure I forget to turn off the Tv
I wish I was Michael Jackson...

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