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High Wire - The Aerialist

Chaka Khan

As far as I can tell -
Up on the wire, I like to climb and play with the sky;
the people far below,
the air is clear, and I can perceive the whole world is smiling.
Life is sublime, when you dare to go up in the air and leave the earth up(?)
behind you,
As I step and dip and leap into the space beyond, up high
just for a moment,
alive, and so afraid but alive, as I push against the sky
and my heart has broken(?) free.

Fear turns to joy, when you can race the edge of the sky
Life's intense and strong
It's not too long, before you will run beyond your horizons.
Up on the wire, the line is thin and you must go
and (surf?) against the sky so precisely.
But life is to go on as far as you can see
up high, just for this moment
Alive, yet so afraid, but alive.
And the wires disappear, and you've finally broken free.

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