Social Chess

Célio Azevedo

When you turn on the Tv you wake up
Wake up to see what it is now shut out

Filtered and politicised. What you talk is criticised you don't have a mind.
What you think is labelled
Because there are people who wants to be what you are
Or people who wants to kill your ideals

Nobody gives a hand when you need,
The only way to be an Antichrist or cut your pulses
Don't know which the worse feelings born by you?
And you continue to criticise the other, without reasons

Be a rebel is the needful for don't go down to the wrong side
Talking the false history of the well against the bad
With the wrong as the right, and the right as the wrong


In-definitions! Contradictions

You need a poison in your life
Choose your destiny is what you can see
Choose one til where you can see
The ways around in your life

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