Est. 1980'S

Cee Lo Green

Heart Blanche

They turned me on

[Verse 1]
I'd fall asleep in my clothes
Watching videos
I was up all night
I was too excited to go to sleep

When I was 9 years old
I watched Solid Gold
And everything was alright
It sho' 'nuff put something deep inside of me

I was made in the 80s

[Verse 2]
I heard the Culture Club
And I fell in love
They were singing to me
And Billy Idol was real rock 'n' roll

I loved Duran Duran
And it was safe to dance
In front of my Tv
And all the greatest songs are from Billy Joel

We were made in the 80s (ah yeah, ah right)

[Verse 3]
Madonna was obscene
And Michael Jackson was king
And hair metal was god
The unofficial fifth member of the Mötley Crüe

Run-D. M. C
Looked just like me
God bless ya, Heart
I owe everything I am to all of you

I was made in the 80s (ah yeah, ah right)
Made in the 80s (ah yeah, ah right)

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