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Backwards Guitar

Catherine Wheel

I'm riding in your car, a hundred miles an hour- ooh
Grin from ear to ear, i'm feeling happy here- ooh
I don't wanna park tonight, pass by those traffic lights
It's such a simple plan, a trip in your sedan- ooh
Hill climb for morning views, sun-up in your saloon

Oh lets go further down the road
Don't ask me what it is or where to go
Because I don't know- I don't know
I just wonder if you fell desire?

I'm riding in your car, a good friend you are- ooh
So take me where I please see Los Angeles
A bad idea to try you look so horrified

And I didn't think that you could tell
I'm a psyco speeding road machine from hell
You know me so well
It's just a simple trip by car
A sleeping passenger you are

But boy what a picture of relif
that your skin is just as smooth and just as sweet
And it's warm beyond belief
And I wonder if you feel desire

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