Cassandra Jenkins

Hard Drive

Cassandra Jenkins

An Overview on Phenomenal Nature

So these are real things that happened
Where you can apply these, these, um, important concepts
And understand that
When we lose our connection to nature
We lose our spirit, our humanity, our sense of self

A security guard
Stopped me to offer an overview on phenomenal nature
She said: Sculpture is not just formed from penetration
You see, men have lost touch with the feminine
And with her pink lipstick
And her Queens accent
She went on for a while about our president

I asked the bookkeeper
At the Inn of the Seventh Ray
To tell me what he knew about Saint Germain
And he told me about chakras and karma and the purple flame
The birth of the cosmos
The ascended masters and the astral plane

He said: You know the mind
The mind is just a hard drive
In this life
The mind is just a hard drive

Darryl's been teaching me how to drive
I finally got my license when I was 35
Speeding up the west side
Changing lanes
He reminds me to leave room for grace
He said: Have you been seeing your therapist?
You seem a little on edge
Are you always this nervous?

I said: Yeah, and this is a hard drive
Yeah, this is just a hard drive
Yeah, a hard drive, hmm

I ran into Perry at Lowell's place
Her gemstone eyes caught my gaze
She said: Oh, dear, I can see you've had a rough few months
But this year, it's gonna be a good one
I'll count to three and tap your shoulder
We're gonna put your heart back together
So all those little pieces they took from you
They're coming back now
They'll miss 'em too
So close your eyes
I'll count to three
Take a deep breath
Count with me

She said: One, two, three
One, two, three
One, two, three
Just breathe
One, two, three
Count with me
One, two, three
All those little pieces
One, two, three
We're gonna put 'em back together now
Are you ready?

One, two, three
One, two, three
One, two, three
She said: One, two, three

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