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Kisses At Airports

Cassadee Pope

Summer EP

You don't know if it's hello or goodbye
What kind of tears they are when they get cried
All you know is somebody is coming or leavin'
It don't really matter whatever the reason
Something 'bout 'em gets me every time

Kisses in airports
Wide-open car doors
So slow to let go
Wrapped up with eyes closed

Some mean I missed you
Some mean I'm going to
But somehow they mean more
Kisses in airports

There was a Crayon cardboard
Welcome home, Daddy, sign
When he got the push deployed
She was just two pink lines

And now it's sunburned lips on 10 little fingers
And one for her mama, yeah that one lingers
I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one at baggage claim to cry

Kisses in airports
Thankin' the good Lord
You didn't die out there
Without seeing that curly red hair

And that's why you hang on
And that's how you make it home
Got something to live for
Kisses in airports

When you dropped me off
I was running late
I just grabbed my bags and ran to the gate
But what if I had never landed
How many times do we take for granted?

Like kisses in airports
Wide open car doors
No I don't want to let go
I just want to make sure you know

This one means I miss you
This one means I'm going to
Make every one I give you mean a little more
Like kisses in airports
Like kisses in airports

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