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Baby James

Casey Dienel

My first lover was real sweet, he made a woman out of me,
but he left as quick as he came, my Baby James.
Mama said I was naive,
'said one day he'd pick up and leave me.
But 'till then I swore I'd stay for my Baby James.

My baby's gone and I can't seem to find him.
He never calls and he's real bad at writing,
oh where's my Baby James?

My first lover was real cruel and he knew what he was doing.
He loved so good I had to stay for my Baby Jaymes.
Mama said I was naive,
'said one day he'd pick up and leave me.
But 'till that day I best be strong for my Baby James.

He's as cold as an ice box, there's nothing inside him.
Just crack him open, hear the echoes holler.
Where's my Baby James?

Oh I begged him not to go,
but nothing would move him.
He said he'd women to meet,
and countries to topple.
Before you cart me away,
tell him I'm real sorry.
Oh, I love him just the same, my Baby James.

Call of f the search party there's nobody coming.
My baby's gone where you never will find him.
Where's my baby?
Where's my baby?
Bye bye Baby James!

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