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One More Time


Started as a little groove sitting back in my living room
Looking out at the melbourne sky
Started thinking about where I'd go how long and when I'd get back,
baby you just ask me why

Darling you know I gotta go
way out on the open road
Gotta play those songs again
Please believe me baby when I say I'll be dreaming
Missing your love everyday

One more song, one more tour
Baby, just one more time

Maybe one day baby we'll be laughing in the shade
Sitting, thinking, drinking, Saying hey we got it made
Maybe one of these days the penny will drop
We'll look back and laugh at when our love was rough

Darling you know I love you so
Wouldn't wanna let you go
But I brought you down again
Baby i’ve doing this thing since I was thirteen yeah
Don’t want it all to be in vain

Baby I can call you every night
Tell you I love you, every thing's alright
I can dream of your body every night
But it's been so long since i’ve seen your face

Compositor: Carus Thompson

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