Carole King

Sweet Seasons

Carole King

The Living Room Tour [LIVE]

1. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose,
and sometimes the blues just get a hold of you
just when you though you had made it.
All around the block people will talk,
but I want to give it all that I've got
I just don't want, I don't want to waste it.

Talkin' 'bout sweet seasons on my mind.
Sure does appeal to me.
You know you can get there easily,
just like a sailboat sailin' on the sea.

2. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,
and most times you choose between the two
wonderin', wonderin' if you have made it.
But I'll have some kids and make my plans,
and I'll watch the seasons running away
and I'll build me a life in the open, a life in the country.

Talkin' 'bout sweet seasons, talkin' 'bout sweet, sweet, sweet seasons

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