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We Are Not Ashamed


Some people wonder
Why we take the chances that we do
To bring the word of God
Into the workplace and the schools
We're looked upon as outcasts
Fanatics they may say
So why then do we still persist
To share our faith this way
It's because...

We are not ashamed
Of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
For it is the word of God to every nation
We are not ashamed
Of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
For it is power of salvation

For those of you who fight in the wars
Against our nations sins
Heroes who give so much more
Than is required of them
Beyond what words can say
Remeber that you're not alone
With the cross you bear each day

Jesus Christ was wounded, too
With our wounds deeper than ours
That's why no child of God
Should be embarrassed by their scars
So lift up your head
You weary saint
Be strong in Jesus' name
The battle's won, the victory's ours
Let's stand up and proclaim...

That it's the Gospel that saved me
And the Gospel raised me
And the Gospel that gave us
Everlasting life

Repeat Chorus

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