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Temptation Boogie


I woke up Monday morning
with my head all full of nothin'
I went down to McDonald's
to get me an Egg McMuffin

Still asleep yet wide awake
around seven twenty - three,
when this loudmouth pushy businessman
cut infront of me

My eyes went cold, i clinched my fist,
i wanted to thump him good,
but then the spirit stopped me
when i saw how it stood

The holy ghost reminded me
I represent the Lord,
and it would be hard to witness to him
stretched out on the floor

Some people say "let it out"
Some people say "hold it in"
But Jesus says to crucify it
for that thing there is sin,
and I was fighting with temptation
I was dueling with that thing
Bondage and stuggle
is all that it will bring
Well, what's a soul to do
when its face to face with sin?
He aughtta pray not once but twice
put on the Mind of Christ
and get that sweet ol' victory again

Well, I grabbed my superman beachtowel
QT Tanning lotion
I thought I'd take a cruise
and catch some rays down by the ocean

I had it all planned out
to roast some burgers and some wenies
But, when i arrived everything
But the telephone poles
was dressed up in bikinis

I knew that there must be a way
To please the Lord and still get tan
But I felt so stupid with
My big ol' head stuck in the sand


You gotta pray for that victory again

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