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7 Ways 2 Praise


Way back in the Bible, the Hebrew language says
That we were taught that we could
Praise the Lord in seven ways
Seven great expressions,
Seven different flows
Seven ways to worship God
And this is how it goes

Number one is towdah (towdah),
It's the sacrifice
Praising God inspite the fact
That your world is in a vice
It's praise that pushes
Through the wall of all adversity
An offering that flows to heaven
In our time of need

Somebody say mind (mind)
Praise the Lord (e)
Say body (body)
Praise the Lord (e)
Say body (body)
Praise the Lord (e)
Spirit (spirit)
Praise the Lord (e)

Number two's yadah (yadah),
That means to lift your hands (lift your hands)
In response to what the Lord has done through the land
An outward sign of what's inside for all the world to see
A demonstration of our love so come praise the Lord with me

Can you wave one hand
And say praise the Lord (praise the Lord)
Can you wave both hands
And say praise the Lord (praise the Lord)
Now can you clap those hands
And say praise the Lord (praise the Lord)

Number three is barouch (barouch),
That simply means to bow
In the awesome presence of the Lord and all His power
To just be overwhelmed 'cause you hardly can believe
That you've been given favor by His Holy Majesty

Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord

This fourth one is shabach (shabach),
It is what we call the shout
It's praise that's given way
Before the answer comes about
A public testimony that drowns out all the noise
Of whiners and complainers
As the saints all lift their voice

If you believe that God's alive today,
Shout yeah (yeah)
If you believe that He's worthy of our praise
Shout yeah (yeah)
If you believe the answer's on the way
Shout yeah (yeah)

Number five is zamar (zamar),
This one you'll like fore sure
It's playing any instrument that glorifies the Lord
Instruments that blast, instruments that strum
Instruments that keep the beat,
So I'll praise Him on my drum

Six we call halell (halell),
That means to rave and boast
And praise the Lord in such a way
That gets you on your toes
(Wait a minute, wait a minute)
What (Hey now, what did you say)
It's beyond just clappin' hands
But best of all, this is the one
That makes you wanna dance

Finally tehillah (tehillah),
Seven is the best
It's the one that is the combination of the rest
It's singing and it's shouting, it's dancing and it's more
It's wild, it's fun so everyone rejoice before the Lord

Praise the Lord (e)
Praise the Lord (e)
Praise the Lord (e)
Seven ways we can say
Everyone praise the Lord

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