Film Noir

Carly Simon

Got on in New Haven
Last car on the train
Put my hat on the seat
Wipe the tears from my eyes

I watched my life go by
Like a movie in my brain
Scenes unreeling
In a sceneless chain
On the window
and a silver screen of rain!

And the opening title scroll
and the score comes in and under
And I'm in the starring role
in a world of love-struck wonder

It's a tale full of promise, about two crazy kids
Falling in love, but in flashback

And then the music
that gorgeous music
And I wake up
Rattling down the railroad track

He could be sweet
But I stayed on my guard
Just how good a liar
can a decent man be?

I always played my hand
Like I didn't have the cards
Cause he held them all
So I could never see
Yes, he played me for a fool
and I agreed

And the closing credits roll
And the waves come in like thunder
Cause the hero's lost control
And I made a fatal blunder

Just another sad story
Two star-crossed kids
Racing headlong up a cul-de-sac

And then that music
That mournful music
And the train's disappearing
Down that railroad track

And the long, slow dissolve

Compositor: J. Webb/C.Simon

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