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War On Culture


I say, I say, I say

There's a conspiracy
And tryin' for a coup
I think we should be free
To do what we want to do
You may well roll over
But don't expect me
To go along
Hold it, wait a minute
I ain't done nothing wrong

Where will they welcome us
With open arms
When we are on the run
To some remote island
Where we can have some fun
What they're trying to sell us
Is really just a con
Hasn't anybody noticed
What's been going on?

They shouldn't get away
With it and somebody should say
I shouldn't have to pack up
All my bags and move away
The global war on culture
Started with a song
Hold on, wait a minute
I ain't done nothing wrong

Drew a line into the sand
Which can decide upon
When you wake up
In the morning
What side are you on?
With some surprise
And deep regret
I have to say so long
Hold on, wait a minute
I ain't done nothing wrong


Don't feel apppreciated
In a place without a heart
Where there's no appreciation
Of the finer points
Of modern art
But I'm not going anywhere
So if you want to start
There's plenty people
Just like me
Who're glad
To take my part

It all began with a line
In the glassy sand
And the assasination
Of Franz Ferdinand
Now I'm digging tunnels
Like the Vietcong
Hold on, wait a minute
I ain't done
Nothing wrong


So it's red-tops
Versus cokeheads
In a cultural civil war
At least I know
What I'm fighting for
What I'm fighting for

As hypocrites
And liars
Adopt a moral tone
He who is without sin
May as well go home
May as well as go home

It's a shame I know
But yours is the disgrace
I reserve the right
To get off my face
To get off my face

Get it

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