The News


People started caring about
What they eat
And people started
Ssmiling at everyone they meet
And people started looking
For good instead of bad
Realize what they could lose
In what they always had

People started growing
Instead of being crushed
And people started slowing down
Instead of being rushed
And people started looking
Wwith very different eyes
And this information
Now comes as a surprise

Good morning here's the news
And all of it is good
Good evening here's the news
And all of it is good
And the weather's good

People started calling
Those in power to account
And people started saying
"I want my voice to count"
And people started learning
That they don't need to fight
And they control their future
And try to make it right

And people started feeling
That better's on the way
And people started feeling
Some peace and calm today
And people started liking
The way that good life feels
And every precious moment
Becoming what is real


(Repete 1 e 2 estrofes)

(Chorus 2x)

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