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The Gangs Of England


If you want the record
Just ask the Gangs of England
Intellectual litigation
Just ask the Gangs of England
And copyright inflation
Just ask the Gangs of England
Press record
If you want the record

You are the record company
I sign to you
My creative skill
You are the head of E.M.I.
Without investment
In arms that kill
You are my advance
On the western front
You are my publishing deal
you are my publicity stunt


You are my photo session
You are my interview
You are my A and R man
Who hasn't got a clue
You are my South Bank special
And you run Channel Four
You are my radio plugger
Who's just been shown the door


So who's in
For a chart conspiracy?
What happens if you count
The downloads that are free
Well, I bought Q.P.R.
And some Bowie stock
Pawned my Les Paul Jr
All my shit's in hock


You are my world tour
In Dolly Parton's van
You are my obscene track
That DJ's wanted banned
You are my sponsored deal
That I should have left
You're my artistic patron
That I have left bereft


Press record
If you want the record
Press record

We are the Gangs of England
We've come to make the record

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