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Second Time Around


There's a story to tell
Of heaven and hell
There're ladders to climb
And snakes to decline
With a ball and chain
You come back again
But it won't mean a thing
If the chain don't swing

You've been up
And you've been round
You walked every street
Of this old town
But they're not going
To bring you down
No, not
The second time around

Well, there's an apple to bite
Before you can take flight
And affairs of the heart
Before you can start
Rules to break
And promises to make
Struggle to win
Then you can begin


For so long, so high
As you reach for the sky
When you get your wings
Don't be surprised
If the wings don't fly

So try to walk the walk
And to talk the talk
You got a message to send
You'll get there in the end


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