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Where But For Caravan Would I


Don't try to find stars in my eyes
We've been there before - and seen...
Just take what you need to find the sun
For you and I, we have the dream to come

Way past the sky of wine-coloured seas
Down through the land of limbo
From here and there, a cry can be heard
Not knowing whether to come - or go

Soon you will see all the stars
But will you know what you feel, yeah?

Don't listen to the man in the skies
He lives with the bottle, dream man
He'll take what he can, with his thoughts in his hand
So follow me now and we'll find the sun

* * * * *

Now I'm here, please make yourself at home
Climb inside our fire
Can you see that you never were alone
And your world is getting higher?
We'll take time to play for you now
So fly into my eye

We'll take our time flyin', we'll take our time
We need you mind to be flyin', we need your mind...
Tell me if there's anything that you need
We'll find you another dream
Just a smile you'll find will make your own scenes so hot!

Through the trees that grow by the mill
We can sing a song of laughter
And goin' round your dreams on a hill
Find what you are after
What you make of your world is your own
So come and you'll see why...

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