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Pye's June Thing


Take a sip from my magic cup
And then time pass you by
You might as well be with me
Cause there's luck in your eye
"Shall I not be your friend"
I heard her say so peacefully
And then smile away the time
And tings to me

What with the mood I'm in
I don't know, I dunno
I never was a strength of mind
And there's side, yes I know
"Come on in, come on" she said
I've got to go, and I go fast
There's a time to be hend by all
But it won't last

Come with me, tell no lie
Or you won't see another day
You'll be the kind of yesteryear
And that's the way you will stay
"Give me fire", I cried out loud
"Give it to me all the time"
What I need no asking twice
Is to words I couldn't find

I could hardly believe my eyes
When I saw her standing here
She had flowered herself in green
And had diamonds in her hair
Was it real or was it just a dream
That was to fade away from me?
And I saw new ----- I don't need

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