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Man In A Car


I saw her flying on a rocket-fly moon
She was smiling like a wheeler at the races
Come ride my rocket-fly moon
And I'm sure you could see a lot of places

But the man in a car is just dreaming
Opening up his eyes
Onl the suit must have seen me
To fill up his tears with eyes

Saw her rocking like a mother typhoon
She could sway like the mother of a candle
Oh no, she's going to rock on me soon
And that's sure that's how a lot of men go

I know I should have notified you
But it's hard from a lot of different places
My girl, I should have rocket-fly'd you
But it's gone and I fear her at the graces

And the man in a car is still dreaming
Opening up his eyes
Holding his heart that's still bleeding
He couldn't believe his eyes

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