Got a gig I'd like you to know, we're leaving here tonight
We're going just to sing our song and everything's all right
And we'll be missing you but that's for me to care
Gotta go, better tell you now, 'cause something's in the air
Don't care if I do it or die, that don't mean a thing
Yes indeed that's all we need - so everybody, sing!

Count it out, but into yourself, love that's the thing
It's there just if you don't know, it makes your body sing
I'm talkin' about me, myself, and all the world around
Wanna see you take you by the hand and do some mess around
Don't have to know, don't have to know, lovin' takes you back
Gets about and I wanna shout, so everybody sing!

We'll get you, we'll get you everyday
Get you, we'll get you every way
Get you, when night-time comes along
Get you, we'll get you with our song

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