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As I Feel I Die


With a song on my mind
I'm thinking of you
Through the dreams of a million eyes
I'll stand still with you
And wait till I find
The world that you're searching for
A cloud-coloured blind
Has entered my eyes
And everything's going
A slight shade of purple
But me, I don't mind
Today is my day
I'm living the life that I choose
I've found a way...

I can see a noser
Sit there all alone
And dream I'm sitting here
While magic fires the moon
I turn around my mind
And bid farewell to fear

Swimming through a wish
That I know I'm in a dream
I'm changing the music by ear

I'll have to leave behind
To reensure them in
And wanting oh so clear

Deep insert of time
I catch my breath to find I've got so far to go
Howlin' through the trees
A cry which is my ears
I turn around and go

Following the dream
Is not the easiest thing
Out of the shadows I see

And blackened till the moon
A magic creature moves
And says belongs to me

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